February 2017
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Welcome to Rountree!

Rountree is a thriving neighborhood of historic charm and diversity, conveniently located in the heart of our revitalizing center-city. We are home to college students from nearby Missouri State University and a variety of families young and old. In Rountree, you're a quick bike ride away from professional baseball, performing arts, and a host of unique restaurants and other offerings unmatched in the city. The Rountree neighborhood consists of more than 1,000 households bordered by Glenstone Avenue (east), Catalpa Street (south), National Avenue (west) and Cherry Street (north). At the heart of our neighborhood is Rountree Elementary School, which opened in 1917, and is today the site of a unique International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. The Rountree Neighborhood Association (RNA) was founded to preserve and promote quality of life for all its residents. We are among only three neighborhoods in Springfield with an Urban Conservation District (UCD). Rountree's UCD was approved by Springfield City Council in 1985 to allow the neighborhood to identify and solve problems associated with trash, noise, safety and residential overcrowding. There's something for everyone in Rountree.
General Membership Meeting January 19

There will be a General Membership meeting January 19th 2016 at 7:00pm.


January 2016 Board Meeting

There will be an RNA General Board meeting at the home of Diana Day. Tuesday January 19th at 7:00pm. If you wish to attend please contact Diana Day at (417-714-0451) or email her at dianak.day@gmail.com

December Board Meeting

Rountree Neighborhood Association General Meeting Minutes
Date: December 15, 2015

Board Members Present
Matt Stevens, President
Katie Claxton, Vice President
Connie Schneider, Treasurer
John Melton, Neighborhood Watch Captain
Nancy Evans, Member at Large

Meeting Activity
Call to Order Meeting began at 7:00 and was held at the #1 Fire Station on Grand
Minutes – Minutes were voted for approval by Connie Schneider and seconded by Melissa Hutton.
Treasurer’s report – was given by Connie Schneider. Current balance in the RNA account is $1796.09. New membership for Randall and Carol Ebrite. Treasurer’s report was approved by Nancy Evans and seconded by Jennie Manus.
Nomination Committee – Nominations for new board members were made. The new slate of Board members are:
Chair – Diana Day
Vice Chair – Katie Claxton
Secretary – Peggy Wise
Treasurer – Jeff Barber
Neighborhood Watch – John Melton
Member at Large – Laurel Bryant
Member at Large – currently vacant
A vote for approval was made and approved by Nancy Evans and seconded by John Melton.
Newsletter – John Melton brought up the need for a newsletter.
New Business – Jeff Bentley introduced himself as the new owner of the historic business building on Cherry (where the old hospital once was). He mentioned that the Cherry and Pickwick Businesses have formed a group called Pickwick Place Merchants. Concerns for this group are the zoning for Cherry between National and Pickwick Aves., which currently is high-density multi-family housing. Jeff Barber addressed this issue and said that the RNA continues to work on this and it will be again brought up before the city in January. It is good that the Pickwick Place Merchants and the RNA will work together on this issue going forward.
PAR Officer – The PAR Officer for Rountree was present and is now Officer Bolton. He gave us his direct line and encouraged us to call if there is a problem. However, if there is an actual emergency, i.e. break-in, etc. it is important to call 911. He mentioned that the concerns at the Fairway address have been resolved and the offenders will be going to prison. Officer Bolton’s direct line is: #417-864-1140

Our next Rountree Neighborhood Association Board Meeting will be the 3rd Tuesday in January, which falls on January 19, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. Location will be announced.

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