August 2015
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Welcome to Rountree!

Rountree is a thriving neighborhood of historic charm and diversity, conveniently located in the heart of our revitalizing center-city. We are home to college students from nearby Missouri State University and a variety of families young and old. In Rountree, you're a quick bike ride away from professional baseball, performing arts, and a host of unique restaurants and other offerings unmatched in the city. The Rountree neighborhood consists of more than 1,000 households bordered by Glenstone Avenue (east), Catalpa Street (south), National Avenue (west) and Cherry Street (north). At the heart of our neighborhood is Rountree Elementary School, which opened in 1917, and is today the site of a unique International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. The Rountree Neighborhood Association (RNA) was founded to preserve and promote quality of life for all its residents. We are among only three neighborhoods in Springfield with an Urban Conservation District (UCD). Rountree's UCD was approved by Springfield City Council in 1985 to allow the neighborhood to identify and solve problems associated with trash, noise, safety and residential overcrowding. There's something for everyone in Rountree.
Minutes from March Board Meeting 2015

Rountree Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes
Date: March 17, 2015

Board Members Present
Matt Stevens, President
Katie Claxton, Vice President
Diana Day, Secretary
John Melton, Neighborhood Watch Captain
Jeff Barber, Member at Large

Meeting Activity
Call to Order
Treasurer’s Report – No Change. Current Balance is: $1,661.49
Previous Minutes Approval

New Business
Officer Mark Priebe stopped by to see us. He said that he is always a resource for us and encouraged us to contact him via email,, if there is any issues of which he needs to be aware. In instances where you will need to speak to an officer immediately or need an officer to come out immediately, even in a non-emergency, please call 911.

Phil Williams with Missouri Valley Real Estate Investment Trust stopped by to introduce himself and let us know that he is working to relocate the TKE House. Once they have vacated the premises, they will begin looking at developing the land there and around the TKE house. He is hoping that we can all work together to come up with a good solution for the development. We have asked him to keep us informed of any information that he may have and that he is welcomed to reach out to any of us on the board at any time. We will keep the neighborhood up-to-date as we hear of anything else.

501 C-3 The City is offering to help us apply for 501C-3 Status. A few board members are going to attend the City informational meeting at the City and begin this process.

Neighborhood Garage Sale: We are going to have a neighborhood garage sale the weekend before the clean-up. Any items that you don’t sell can then be donated, recycled, up-cycled, or thrown away at the neighborhood clean-up.

Ongoing Business

Cherry Street Corridor Update: We have received a letter from the Mayor stating that he has asked staff to add our project, in which we would like the UCD and the RNA reviewed and have certain criteria met, added to the Planning and Zoning department list of projects. We will continue to monitor this area and continue to reach out to the City and Planning and Zoning Departments.

Neighborhood Clean-Up: The clean-up will be on May 2, from 8:30 to Noon. We would like to have some volunteers for this day. Volunteers are needed for the registration tables, dumpster and trash hauling and sweeping. We will also need some trucks for some larger items that will be hauled.

Neighborhood Advisory Meeting Update: The Great Neighborhood Award that Rountree was awarded late last year will be presented to us during the May Neighborhood Advisory Council meeting.

Zone 2 Candidates: Buck Van Hooser and Josh Mareschal are our Zone 2 candidates that are running for City Council. Please be informed about the upcoming election and vote for the candidate that you think will do the most work for our neighborhood. The board has been able to meet both candidates and ask questions to each one of them. You may contact the board members individually for their personal opinions on the candidates, but the board, as a whole, is not going to endorse a candidate. Election is on April 7th.

Our Next Rountree Neighborhood Meeting will be on April 21 at 7:00 at Rountree Elementary School. This meeting is a GENERAL MEETING and we encourage our RNA Members to attend.

General Meeting!!!

Just a reminder that we are going to be having a General Meeting April 21, 2015 in the Rountree Library. 7:00 PM Please bring all your concerns!!

Clean it UP!!

We are going to be having a neighborhood wide clean up day May 2, 2015!!!! Bring all the things you are having trouble disposing of (except CHEMICALS) and we will have dumpsters. If you have no way to haul things at all please let us know as we can provide pickup service that day with your assistance. MORE TO FOLLOW?