RNA Board

Laurel Bryant, Chair — Laurel has lived and worked as a Realtor in Rountree for 22 years. She is passionate about our “front porch living” neighborhood and enjoyed serving the board in 2016. She formerly served as chair for Springfield’s Landmarks Board and cares about historic preservation and maintaining our property values. She enjoys being a parent of a Rountree Owl.

Jim Lohmeyer, Vice Chair — Jim has lived on Weller nearly all his life. He is a talented local Principal Architect and brings a great deal of knowledge and kindness that we all enjoy. Jim is serving the board for the first time this year, and we are lucky to have him. He was out of town the meeting where we nominated positions, so he is VP.

Nick Harper, Former Chair — Nick did a great job for us in 2016. His went door to door and increased our membership. He was perfectly positioned with his business, the Pickwick Company, to be a central point person. He ran a friendly meeting and kept us all on track. He will be involved and helping the new chair.

Peggy Wise, Treasurer — Peggy was elected Treasurer at the January 2016 term and continues in that position.   Peggy is also the liaison for the neighborhood clean-up.   She has lived in the eastern half of Rountree for over 40 years and loves the community.   She is interested in preserving the neighborhood and bringing neighbors together for the benefit of our community.   Peggy also works as a paralegal and has been our primary letter writer since becoming a board member.  We appreciate the hard work she does.

Mike Brothers, Secretary — Mike is our new secretary. He has served the City of Springfield and Drury University in communications and public relations. He will be updating the website regularly with the various issues that the RNA is working on, and will be often speaking on our behalf to the city. Although he is new to board, he has already been a fantastic addition.

Jeff Barber, Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) liaison — Jeff is another talented architect and has worked with on visioning projects for the National Avenue Corridor and downtown. Jeff speaks in more acronyms than humanly possible. And he has more RNA (former Chair) and city involvement service than any of us. He’s also an advocate for senior co-housing, ancillary structures, and pocket communities. The Neighborhood Advisory Council is the City’s umbrella group of all of Springfield organized neighborhood associations.

John Melton, Neighborhood Watchman — John Melton has served the board for years. He is our “boots on the ground” member that watches out for neighborhood issues. John has not been afraid to reach out to property owners about their properties when issues arise. A former high school teacher, John is a great fit. He also brings a great deal of common sense to the table.

Sue Ekstam, Member at Large — Sue was invaluable as a member and Vice Chair last year. She was the person that worked harder and contacted us to keep us on track. She has lived on the west side of the neighborhood for many years, has a spouse that works at MSU. Sue is from Minnesota and is passionate about city planning.  Sue has volunteered to start a few needed committees for RNA, and we are thankful for her willingness to help.

Jeff Bentley, Member at Large — Jeff Bentley is a third generation Rountree person, and a civil engineer, with offices in the historic office building at 1330 E. Cherry. Jeff is very interested in bike and pedestrian issues and has done a lot of consulting for Ozark Greenways. He is excited about the opportunity to help preserve and enhance Rountree, Springfield’s most walkable neighborhood!

Nancy Dornan, Member at Large — Nancy Dornan has been preserving and rehabilitating older properties in Springfield for commercial and residential use for years. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a practical developer’s opinion. Nancy helped form the Walnut Street Neighborhood Association, has served on a number of civic boards and initiated a number of events pertaining to urban living.