Adopted March 18, 2003
Amended December 16, 2003
Amended September 21, 2004
Amended Sept. 22, 2009
Amended April 16,2013
Amended July 16, 2013

Mission Statement:

As residents and property owners of the Rountree Neighborhood, we are committed to maintaining and fostering the character and quality of both the physical environment and neighbor-to-neighbor relationships that contribute to making our center city neighborhood a desirable and comfortable place to live.

Article I: Purpose

The Rountree Neighborhood Association (RNA) is organized to maintain the aesthetic qualities and the overall quality of life within the Rountree Neighborhood. The specific functions of the neighborhood organization will include, but will not be limited to, community support, social activities, crime prevention, coordination with the city of Springfield regarding neighborhood improvements and implementing the neighborhood plan.

Article II: Boundaries

The RNA will cover all land contained within the following boundaries: Cherry Street on the north (including properties both on and north of Cherry), Glenstone Avenue on the east, Catalpa Street on the south (north side only), and National Avenue on the west. Within the RNA boundary is another boundary for the Rountree Urban Conservation District Neighborhood Plan. Boundary maps can be found on the RNA Web site:

Article III: Members

General membership in the RNA shall be open to all residents, business owners, and property owners within the RNA boundaries. General members who are eighteen years and older may become voting members of the RNA through the payment of annual dues of $25 per family, and $45 per business. Each paying member will be entitled to one vote on any given issue. The RNA membership shall consist of the Executive Board, the Board, and the general membership.  Membership dues shall be due annually on August 1 of each year regardless of when dues are paid. Membership shall run August 1 to August 1 each year.

Article IV: Meetings

General meetings of the RNA will be held quarterly on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Rountree Elementary Library. The Board will meet every month on the third Tuesday of the month at locations to be announced. These meetings shall be open to the general membership. Special meetings may be called when necessary. These must be announced at the meeting immediately preceding the special meeting. (Twenty-five percent of the voting membership must be present to constitute a quorum and conduct official business). The date, time, location and agenda of the general meeting shall be posted in the newsletter distributed just prior to the meeting, and official business may be conducted with the members present.

Article V: Officer

The Executive Committee of the Board of the Rountree neighborhood Associations shall consist of a duly elected: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and two members at large and the neighborhood watch captain. These officers shall be nominated by a nominating committee and voted for by the general membership. The Chair shall be the chief operating officer of the RNA and shall preside over meetings of the general membership. This individual will also be a member of all committees. The Vice-Chair will serve the same purpose in the absence of the Chair. The Secretary shall record minutes of each meeting and shall develop the agenda for each upcoming meeting as well. The Secretary will also hold the records of the RNA. The Treasurer shall have the responsibility of overseeing the financial matters of the RNA. Each officer shall be elected to a one-year term. The prior year Chair shall remain a member of the Board for the year following his or her Chairmanship.

Article VI: Elections

Officers will be nominated by a nominating committee and elected by a simple majority vote of the general membership present at the first general meeting of each calendar year.

Article VII: Committees

Committees may be formed to pursue particular issues and to solve individual problems. The committee meeting shall be open to the general membership and they shall report to the Board and general membership. The Board of the Rountree neighborhood Association shall consist of the Executive Committee and all other Board members as defined by the By-Laws.

Article VIII: Block Captains

Block captains may be appointed to disseminate information to their particular area of the neighborhood, as well as to relay concerns of their area to the RNA. Block captains shall be members of the Board.

Article VIV: Amendments

These by-laws may be amended or repealed by a popular vote of the entire voting membership.